Intelligently automated content.

Email marketing with One Click means hundreds of dynamic tools placed effortlessly at your fingertips into a few button presses, so it’s super simple to take advantage of this increasingly powerful medium.

Drag and drop, predictive text, event triggers, personalisation. It’s all there, and it’s all easy.

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Continuous campaign optimisation.

In every One Click email campaign, you can rest assured we’ll be closely tracking performance in real time, making sure we take full and immediate advantage of any insights the data gives us.

Built-in split testing, predictive intelligence and cutting edge deliverability guarantees your business gets things right with One Click.

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Incredible capability to scale.

From a basic one off promotional campaign to a complicated, cross border advertising strategy, One Click will lead you through the development of an email marketing platform that scales smoothly to the exact size you need.

Send to millions in minutes and create new ways to have your say, on a platform that fits like a glove.

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Pitch perfect connectivity

Email marketing with One Click Media effectively connects your sales and services online, bringing together best practice email capability, leading edge digital marketing and truly powerful CRM.

With a much better view of your customers comes more personalised, more effective communications.

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Enhanced email efficiency

The more targeted your email copy, the better return on investment you’ll get. The more effective automation in your email platform, the better your bottom line will look.

Mastering both these crucial aspects in tandem has been One Click’s mission for years and we’ll teach you all we know.

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Accurate audience targeting

Sending email content that’s directly relevant to the end reader is no longer a choice in strategy, it’s simply essential if you want to effectively engage them.

So One Click specifies an email platform that makes it real easy with leading edge innovations like drag and drop segmentation and flexible subscriber filters.

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