The first question we ask is always the same: Is there really a good chance for you to succeed?

Upfront honesty underpins everything we do at One Click Media, particularly in a niche like Pay-Per-Click where there may not be a genuine opportunity for you to get a good ROI. So the first thing we do is look carefully at the PPC environment around your industry.

Can we improve on the competition’s ads? Can we find any kinks in competition’s campaign? Can we safely win back the cost per click? Is there a way we can do things differently? Every single angle is examined before you receive our advice – if we think you should do PPC, we’ll show you the way.

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Expect a kick when you get One Click onto your pay-per-click.

  • Better campaign structure
  • Better keyword cost control
  • Better cost per click
  • Better insight into ad performance
  • Better ads that are more relevant
  • Better efficiency with no wasted clicks
  • Better defined target demographics
  • Better positioning in front of relevant consumers
  • Better optimisation of your ad for location
  • Better campaign updates and user reports
  • Better budgeting to assist your bottom line
  • Better return on your advertising investment
  • Better customer service & support