Tried & tested first class SEO expertise, applied to the founder’s own websites for years.

You know One Click’s SEO strategy will work, it’s that simple. (And if for any reason we don’t think SEO is your biggest problem, we’ll tell you so.)

The team of expertise we bring to your table has been built up over years by One Click’s SEO brain box Damien McPhee, with success after success in achieving sky rocket rankings in his own projects.

You’ll only be promised a result if we know we can deliver. Ready to get serious about SEO?

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Get the best ranking on Google searches.

Lots of people promise you this, One Click is one of the very few who can deliver.


Make sure the right traffic finds your site.

Getting visitors to your site is one thing, catching real customers is something else.


Engage your target to make them act.

If you don’t make enough effort to engage visitors, they don’t click the button.


Generate more leads, make more sales.

It’s a simple philosophy, but execution is key. Results are a big thing at One Click.


Enjoy a tangible boost to business growth.

When your SEO is done properly, profits go up. One Click Media makes sure of it.

If you’ve been down this road before, you’ll want to know what’s different.

Genuine love of the craft

Believe it or not, the business of SEO is not what makes One Click tick. If money was the driver, our founder Damien McPhee would still spend his time ranking his own online businesses… but it’s the true passion behind helping other people’s websites go nuts that makes his day.

Bring in the big guns

One Click is the kind of service provider you call for when you’re ready to give SEO ranking a real red hot crack. Armed to the teeth with unrivalled expertise and first class resources in all corners of the industry, your campaign couldn’t be in better, safer, more effective hands.

Devoted to the detail

Every corner of your business is closely examined as part of the One Click process, which includes in-depth keyword research, scrutinising meta-data, analysing your competitors and tracking performance to ensure your campaign hits the right notes at the right times.

Local values, global ability

One of the many benefits you’ll see with One Click by your side in SEO, is that you get the best of both worlds. The attentive, individual service of a small local agency, with leading edge, big shouldered SEO solutions that scale effortlessly across multinational campaigns.

Truly customised technology

When One Click offers you a “tailored” answer to your SEO objectives, we really mean it. There is no such thing as a sausage factory solution… in all scenarios we’ll get to know you and your brand, devoting our time to scoring your goals and seeing your business grow.

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