If you’ve been in business for longer than five minutes, you’ve probably already spent good money trying to drive your traffic, sales & growth online… and the chances are high you’ve found a few very expensive dead ends:

Poor ranking or financial return from your SEO spend.

Keyword campaigns & pay per click strategy not performing.

Lack of sales & too much time spent on social media.

Expensive yet ineffective email or ecommerce platforms.

Sound familiar? Thought so. And you’re not alone. Which is why One Click Media has devoted the last decade to developing a truly detailed, highly personal approach to digital marketing… promising you refreshingly honest, impressive results-based expertise and not a dead end in sight.

See how digital should be done. We’re just one click away.

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Do digital better, with One Click.

Search Engine Optimisation

The way to go with SEO.

You’re not alone in the challenges and frustrations you face in the quest to achieve genuinely successful Search Engine Optimisation. Day in, day out, people in business come to One Click and complain that their competitors are still ranking higher than them, even though they’ve spent so much with SEO “experts”.

To finally start getting these things right, whoever’s helping you should take the time to understand your company’s brand personality and your target market… which in turn enables a truly customised digital solution.

Let’s have a look at your SEO & work out where to go.

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Pay-Per Click Advertising

Really slick pay-per-click.

Adwords, Remarketing, Google Shopping, Facebook Advertising, Display Advertising… if you’ve tried any of these pay-per-click spaces and felt the cold hard fact of disappointing sales, it’s almost certainly because your system wasn’t set up right in the first place.

The key to maximised ROI in pay-per-click is a smart, effective focus on the right keywords, in a campaign that’s created with specialised expertise, not generated by off-the-shelf PPC platform software.

Don’t waste your ad space. Do it with One Click.

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Social Media Marketing

Likes don’t sell by themselves.

Have you tried putting your business presence on any of the social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Linked In? If so, how’s it going for you? Have you got lots of likes, shares and comments? And more importantly, have you seen that social activity translate into business growth and sales?

If your answer to any of those questions is “no”, then One Click Media is the next place to go… because the secret is setting up your system right in the first place, and we’re one of the few who really knows how.

Make the most from Social Media. Manage it with One Click.

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Email Marketing

Simply masterful email marketing.

Everywhere you look, smart companies are investing more and more capital in email marketing, simply because they know it’s the way forward. These days the technology and strategy behind successful email marketing is serious business, the goals being truly effective targeting and highly intelligent automation.

Whatever you’ve tried before, One Click Media will open your eyes to entirely new sales markets with email, where ROI success is in specifically targeting site visitors based on their browse history.

Enjoy the best email platform on the planet. Send it with One Click.

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A perfect platform for growth.

If your company requires an e-commerce solution, there should be only one goal: growing your business faster by ensuring everything is managed super-efficiently through one central source. And the key to doing that correctly is perfecting the art of platform set up.

Comprehensive, effective ecommerce is a One Click Media speciality. Many years spent mastering multiple ecommerce platforms means we’re one of the best suited to help build your business.

Find the perfect fit in ecommerce. Partner-up with One Click.

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One of the best things about us, is that there’s no “us”.

One Click Media’s resources network has grown significantly over the years, but the personal service philosophy remains exactly the same as it was when I first became an SEO and online advertising addict, more than 15 years ago.

And when it comes to your business success on the Internet, it’s this individual, highly personal approach to doing digital which enables me to deliver a degree of service that you simply don’t get with the bigger providers.

In my world there’s nothing more important than your online strategy and the results it delivers, so I proudly plan and implement every single action.

Please contact me anytime for a chat, let’s see if we can work wonders with your web presence!

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