Why is SEO Important for Magento Websites?

SEO is important for any online business, as it gives your website the best organic opportunity of being visited by more people and netting more sales. Each e-commerce platform brings its own quirks and features that will differently impact your SEO, and Magento is no different. Magento is ideal for large-scale e-commerce businesses to develop and design robust custom sites that look and run exactly how they want them to. However, this can come at the cost of optimising the website for a strong ranking on Google.

Your e-commerce Magento website relies on SEO to make or break its success. If you aren’t getting the desired traffic to your site, then you won’t be making the kind of business you need to continually succeed. However, there are specific aspects about your e-commerce site that makes Magento SEO trickier to properly implement.

Sizeable Product Inventories

The sheer number of product pages on e-commerce websites can make it challenging to optimise each page individually for search engines. With so many products to manage, it can be difficult to create unique,keyword-rich content for each page, which can hurt your search engine rankings.

Changing Content

Furthermore, e-commerce websites frequently update their content, adding and removing products, changing prices, and offering new promotions. This dynamic content can create challenges for SEO, as search engines need time to crawl and index new content. If search engines don’t crawl and index your new content quickly enough, it may not show up in search results, which can hurt your visibility and traffic.

Reusing Content

Lastly, e-commerce websites often have a significant amount of duplicate content, such as product descriptions and specifications that are used across more than one page. Search engines may penalise websites with a high amount of duplicate content, as it can be seen as an attempt to manipulate search
rankings. This can negatively impact your search engine rankings and make it harder for your website to appear in search results.

Index / No Index Tags

To ensure that your sitemap is easy for search engines to crawl and focuses on the pages you want to prioritise, our team of developers can use no-index tags on certain pages of your website. By doing so, these pages will be excluded from your sitemap.

One of the benefits of using no-index tags is that you can exclude complex or low-result search URLs Depending on the platform you use, these product search results may produce lengthy URLs that you don’t need to include in your sitemap. By removing them, you are making your site easier to crawl, helping Google to promote the more relevant pages that you want people to find

Static and Dynamic Page Content

Magento offers the ability to create dynamic pages that display information and products differently depending on the user accessing them.

However, the downside to dynamic pages is that their content is constantly changing, which makes it harder for search engines to accurately determine how useful the content will be to users.

In contrast, static pages offer the same information in the same way to each user, making it easier for search engines to assess the content. However, static pages lack the ability to take advantage of targeted products.

Fortunately, our team is able to optimise dynamic pages that can improve their search rankings. We work closely with you to help you decide whether it’s better to continue using static or dynamic pages as the target of your Magento SEO campaigns, based on your specific needs and goals.

Schema Markup

Our Magento SEO experts can assist you with an important SEO feature – applying a schema markup or structured data to your website. The use of structured data on each of your product pages can significantly improve your search rankings. It helps search engines understand the content on a page by providing detailed information about what is on the page, including the type of content and highlighting the most important parts.

Structured data is a powerful tool that enables search engines to categorise your content accurately, resulting in higher visibility on both the search engine results page and the shopping results page. By understanding the search engine’s language, it makes it easier for search engines to comprehend what is being displayed on the page. Our developers help you implement structured data effectively to ensure that your products and pages are fully optimised for search engines

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