A collection of icons forming a circle to represent the various Odoo applications.

An Application for Every Business

Odoo is an industry-leading open-source ERP and CRM system that greatly streamlines the processes within your online business. The platform offers a full suite of business applications designed to optimise your workflow – from managing your inventory to taking care of your sales and everything in between.

If you have a business process that is taking up too much of your time, Odoo will have a solution that either automates or simplifies that process. Some add-on Odoo applications include:

  • Financial Management
  • Sales Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Customer Relations
  • Marketing Tools
  • Project and Task Management
  • Website Development
  • And more!

However, in order to maximise the full potential of Odoo, you will need a specialised Odoo managed hosting solution that caters to the unique requirements of the platform. That’s where One Click Cloud can help.

Brisbane Odoo managed hosting developer holding a laptop with the Odoo logo on it.

Australia’s Top Choice for Odoo Managed Hosting

There is no denying that Odoo is an essential tool for any e-commerce business looking to take their processes to a new level. But without the right processing software supporting Odoo’s many features, the platform can end up causing more harm to your website than necessary.

One Click Cloud’s technical experience and prowess will ensure that your Odoo range of tools will load fast, perform reliably, and remain secure at all times. Our servers have been designed by developers who understand Odoo inside-out.

After all, to get the most out of Odoo’s extensive range of features, it needs to be operating in a highly optimised environment. If you are an Odoo developer, you don’t have the luxury of waiting around in a backend that never loads fast enough or makes no sense to navigate. One Click Cloud ensures that managing Odoo managed hosting is as simple as can be.

If you want to get elite cloud performance hosting for your Australian business, then choose our team today.

Odoo hosting developer sitting next to a giant computer server and computer screen with the Odoo logo on it.

Reliable Odoo Hosting

At One Click Cloud, we use cutting-edge technology to ensure that your Odoo solution is operating at peak-performance consistently. Our servers offer unmatched speeds and reliability for your business’ Odoo software, meaning the productivity of your employees will go up and the amount of time spent on laborious processes will go down.

The secret to our high-performing hosting servers lies in our horizontal scaling techniques – easily adapting the size of your server to elegantly match the required demand as it goes up and down. The benefits of this flexibility are that it keeps your memory stable while decreasing load times and the risk of the server collapsing. We also design our hosting servers to support full SSH, for access to your business’ specific environment.

At One Click Cloud, we utilise multi-fibre lines and high availability data centres to guarantee 99.97 % uptime for your website when using Odoo. One Click Cloud are also official Odoo partners, who have recognised we have the experience, resources and credibility to design tailor-made servers to support your Odoo needs.

Odoo Managed Hosting for Australian Businesses

One Click Cloud was created to help Australian e-commerce businesses receive high quality hosting solutions at an affordable price. Our team of experienced Odoo developers are well trained to deliver unparalleled technical services – ensuring that each and every project is completed to the highest standard, no matter how large or how complex.

Given that we are a dedicated Australian hosting platform built with Australian e-commerce businesses in mind, hosting your Odoo content through One Click Cloud makes sense for a number of reasons. Not only will your Odoo software be fast, secure and reliable, but you will be improving your local SEO by hosting through an Australian server. You will also be saving thousands of dollars, as we always strive to deliver the desired results within a budget that works for your needs.

We pride ourselves on putting our clients’ needs front and centre of everything that we do. Unlike many overseas providers, our team will always make ourselves available to you and are only ever a phone call away if you have any questions or concerns about the project.

By choosing One Click Cloud for your Odoo managed hosting needs, you are choosing a highly qualified Australian business whose mission it is to help other highly qualified Australian businesses. Our job is to always deliver on our promises – creating a strong hosting environment for your specific Odoo requirements that will transform the way you conduct your online business. These are not empty words to us; we pride ourselves on always coming through with each and every one of our projects.

Australian Odoo Managed Hosting through One Click Cloud

If you are looking for reliable Odoo managed hosting that will help your business get the most out of this amazing e-commerce platform, contact the team at One Click Cloud today. Our Odoo hosting solution is unmatched in technical reliability and affordability. We sacrifice nothing on quality while offering our services at a price that works for your budget. Give us a call on 1300 663 254 so we can begin discussing your project and how we can best help.