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Paid advertising services or PPC

Businesses are able to have their ads displayed predominately on platforms such as search engines and social media sites. Through paid ads you can essentially buy more traffic to your site, resulting in more visitors and higher conversions. While you do have to pay the platform each time someone clicks on your ad, if that click then turns into a sale, the profits gained can be tremendously worth the investment.

Paid advertising is a slick and effective way to expand your business’ online presence. The return on investment can be massive, the results can be lightning fast, and you can target the right audience to position your business as a leader within its industry.

However, there is more to a successful paid advertising services campaign than simply ‘buying customers’. Too many of these campaigns are auto-generated by software that lacks the human touch to set it apart from the competition. To optimise your PPC advertising, you need the services of experienced digital experts to guarantee a successful campaign.

One Click Media is the team that will make your paid advertising campaign worth every cent.

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Leaders in Paid Advertising

One Click Media’s paid advertising services are designed to help Australian businesses achieve the desired results. Our approach has been optimised to run a successful PPC campaign no matter the industry or platform you are targeting. Simply put, if you want to give your business the best chance of appearing at the top of search engines for relevant keywords, then choose One Click Media to manage your PPC campaigns.

To get started sign up for an account with google ads so we can link this to our management portal and begin the management of your campaigns today!



Dedicated to Achieving Results

Before we start our paid advertising services and begin your campaign, we first determine if paid advertising is the best way for your business to succeed. We are upfront and honest with you about whether or not PPC is a viable way for your business to grow. We conduct research around the current climate of pay per click advertising within your industry to see if we can develop strategies to improve upon the competition.

We examine whether we can win back the cost per click and explore every potential angle before we draw up your campaign. There are no cutting corners on the path to success in paid advertising services, and we are committed to executing each step to the highest standard possible.

A Proven Process

If we believe that paid advertising services is a good fit for your business, then we will begin structuring your campaign. This looks different for each of our clients, but the goal remains the same: increased clicks to increase sales.

Businesses can expect a lot from our paid advertising campaigns, including:

  • A strong campaign structure that is focused on achieving growth for your business
  • Better cost per click so you can maximise your profits
  • Targeted keyword campaigns relevant to your customers
  • Greater efficiency across the campaign, with no wasted clicks
  • Creative ads that are relevant, eye-catching, and irresistible to your customer-base
  • Positioning your ads in front of the right target audience
  • In-depth campaign updates, user reports, insights and analytics
  • Better budgeting to assist your bottom line
  • Elite customer support

Once your campaign has launched, we will use our industry-leading resources to monitor its performance so we can add incremental improvements that will help it reach even greater heights.

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Laptop screen showing popular paid advertising platforms Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Facebook Ads.

Success Across All Paid Advertising Platforms

One Click Media has the expertise to deliver high-performing paid advertising campaigns across a range of different platforms. From popular search engines to global social media sites, these platforms provide the possibility of limitless eyes on your business, as long as your campaign is properly taken care of. Thankfully, One Click Media is here to help.

Google Ads

Google Ads is easily the most popular paid advertising platform in the world, offering an almost limitless audience to engage with your business if properly handled. The One Click Media team has a deep knowledge of how to leverage Google Ads to get the greatest number of clicks on your ad. We help you take full advantage of the endless possibilities Google Ads can provide your business.

One Click Media are also official Google Ads partners – certified for our experience and deep understanding of how to get the most out of the platform.

Bing Ads

If you are wanting to target customers who are more likely to bring value to your advertising campaign, then creating Bing Ads may be the way to go. With an audience that is 25% more likely to spend money than the average online shopper, the Bing network is thriving with potential customers just waiting to come across your business. With One Click Media leading the way, your business will reach these Bing users through a well-structured paid advertising campaign that will deliver results.

Facebook Ads

With billions of active users, there are countless opportunities to find success through a paid Facebook ads campaign. While setting up effective ads that break through the noise can feel like an advanced science, One Click Media is here to ensure you see superb results and ROI when advertising through Facebook.

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Leaders in Australian Paid Advertising

For the past 20 years, One Click Media has been perfecting its approach to paid advertising for Australian businesses to reap the rewards of investing in the growth of their online presence.

With our technical experience, expansive knowledge of industry trends, and innovative solutions, we are well positioned to create effective paid advertising campaigns that set you apart from the rest of the competition. We are transparent during every step of the process, communicating openly and honestly with you about the direction we want to take the campaign, while valuing any input you have about our decisions.

We never leave a job half-finished and are committed to helping our clients for as long as it takes until they get the results they want. And lastly, we only ever conduct our services within a scope that works for your budget. Compared to other agencies, the quality of our services is comparatively cost-effective and flexible to adapt to your budget needs at all times.

One Click Media will guide the way during every step of the journey.

Start Your Paid Advertising Campaign with One Click Media

If you wish to get the most out of your paid advertising, then let the experts at One Click Media manage your campaign to achieve the best results possible. Contact our friendly team today at 1300 082 520!


What is paid advertising and pay per click?

Paid advertising is when businesses choose to pay certain online platforms to showcase their ads to relevant audiences or for relevant search terms.

Pay per click is a popular method of online paid advertising where businesses pay a fee to the platform every time a visitor clicks on that ad.

What are the benefits of paid advertising?

Paid advertising can be a great way to see quick results in increasing the visibility, traffic, and engagement rate for your online business. Paying a platform to have your business’ ad showcased to the right audience allows it to cut straight to the heart of your customer-base.

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