Business Website Managed Hosting for Australian Companies

Business Website Managed Hosting for Australian Companies

One Click Hosting specialises in providing high quality business website managed hosting solutions for Australian businesses who want to ensure their websites are reliable, snappy, and always open for business. The difference between a website that is being hosted on a well-designed server and one that isn’t can be drastic. Slow load times, constant maintenance issues, no creative flexibility for developers, and the constant risk of the entire website crashing are just some of the issues that businesses can expect if they don’t choose a reputable hosting partner.

Australian businesses simply cannot choose a hosting solution that fails to address these problems. Neither can they afford a hosting solution that doesn’t complete the intended job and deliver on its promise.

The good news is that One Click Hosting is a trusted business website managed hosting solution for Australian business, that is 100% owned and operated in Australia. By choosing us as your hosting partner, you can look forward to a collaboration that works to achieve the needs and goals of your business.

One Click Hosting has been built on the foundation of strong performance, scalable servers that match the demands of your website, and a developer friendly architecture that can be leveraged to take your website in whatever direction you wish.

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One Click Hosting’s Business Website Managed Hosting

One Click Hosting is Australia’s number one choice for managed website hosting. If your business has their website/s built on WordPress, then having them hosted on One Click Hosting can maximise performance and reliability, resulting in greater traffic and better engagement.

One Click Hosting’s unrivalled technical excellence means you will make more sales, engage with more clients, and grow your online business as a whole. It’s an easy choice, but if you need more convincing, then look no further than our platform’s industry-leading technical prowess.

Security Prioritised at Every Stage

We understand that businesses can’t risk their websites falling victim to harmful cyber attacks that can derail their entire online ventures. This is why we have designed One Click Hosting to give business owners peace of mind that their website will receive ultimate protection on our servers.

We have a range of security measures in place to guarantee protection from cyber-attacks. Some of these include:

  • Latest Cisco Firepower firewalls
  • Latest Cisco DDoS protection from malware

Security is our number one priority at One Click Hosting. Our efforts protect your business from a range of online threats, so you can focus more of your attention on taking your online presence to a whole new level.

Performance Beyond Your Expectations

One Click Hosting delivers website performance that exceeds what you thought possible. We use local data centres, scalable servers, and multiple instances of the application to ensure that your website is online and operating at blazing-fast speeds.

Every business wants more traffic to come through their WordPress website, but this can risk the stability of your site if it isn’t being hosted on reliable servers. Instead, you need servers that can scale to meet the specific demands of your website at specific points in time. After all, if your audience is largely in Australia, then you may not need your hosting server to be as large in the middle of the night as in the middle of the day.

Availability You Can Trust

Businesses cannot afford to have their website constantly experiencing downtime as they await maintenance and repairs. Not having your site available is like having your shopfront behind locked doors. You won’t make any business, and you’ll begin to earn a bad reputation amongst your customers, clients, and other visitors.

Thankfully, One Click Hosting’s managed website hosting will guarantee that your website is available to visitors 99.97% of the time.

There is no excuse for a website that doesn’t maximise its availability for its audience. That is why One Click Hosting cuts no corners in optimising your site’s uptime at all times.

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Australia’s Most Trusted Business Website Hosting Solution

One Click Hosting is an Australian-based website hosting solution that has been specially designed to help Australian companies grow their online business.

We are committed to our clients in everything we do. Whether being readily available to offer outstanding customer support, or valuing the input of our clients during every step of the way, our work is centred on achieving your desired results.

Best of all, our business website managed hosting services are cost-effective and take into account the needs of your budget during every step of the way. You can trust our team to deliver the job to the highest possible standard, and know that we will always be here if you require any technical support or wish to begin a new project or expand on an existing one.

Choose One Click Media for Your Business Website Managed Hosting

One Click Media’s managed hosting for business website is your gateway to growing your online business. To make use of our unrivalled hosting solutions, contact our friendly team today on 1300 082 520!