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Optimise Your Online SEO Success

Search Engine Optimisation

You have put in all the hard work in creating a robust online business that is set up to succeed, except… it fails to rank well on Google’s search result pages. Your business is failing to get the level of exposure it needs to capitalise on all the good work that has already been put in place.

This is when you need to reassess your current Search Engine Optimisation situation and make steps towards improving your overall online standing.

SEO is about making strategic and targeted decisions in the content, structure, and technical aspects of your website so that Google favours it over your competition. It’s about maximising quantity – ensuring your website is filled with content that zeroes in on relevant keywords.

But it’s also about prioritising quality – making certain that all content is created to a high standard while also guaranteeing that your website will be fast and reliable for any visitors.

At One Click Media, our Search Engine Optimisation services will guarantee that not only will your website receive more visitors, but those visitors are far more likely to turn into actual customers. Our services have been designed to get the desired results for your business immediately.

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Australian SEO Experts

One Click Media have extensive experience in helping Australian businesses transform their search engine optimisation strategy. This is down to our tried and tested first class SEO capabilities which have been effectively boosting the online visibility of websites for years.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, our methods will yield results. Our team combines experience, technical knowledge, and a creative mindset to develop and implement effective search engine optimisation strategies that will make a difference.

Our previous work has seen success after success in bringing our clients to the top of Google’s rankings, so why wait in doing the same for your business?

A Detailed Optimisation

SEO is all in the detail – making optimisations both large and small in a bid to outrank the competition. That’s why One Click Media will conduct a close examination of your website using our first class resources in order to identify what areas need improving to climb up the rankings.

Once we have narrowed down these areas, we can start developing our tailored strategy to begin this ascent.

We offer a wide range of Search Engine Optimisation services, all aimed towards seeing your business grow. Some of our offerings include:

  • Conducting thorough keyword research to determine what search terms your website should be targeting
  • Scrutinising your meta-data to determine whether or not it is thoroughly optimised
  • Analysing your competition to evaluate what strategies they have used to rank highly, and developing strategies for how we can improve upon their offering
  • Tracking your performance to ensure your campaign is hitting all the right milestones at the right times

By connecting together all of these different threads, we can form a successful SEO campaign that will leverage this information to generate online growth.

Targeting the Right Audience

It’s all well and good to have lots of people visiting your website, but if those people aren’t engaging with your products or services, then it will all be for nothing. One Click Media will structure your SEO campaign to guarantee that your website will be attracting the right audience.

An audience will be there for the right reasons – to click the buttons you want them to.

The key to this is in the execution. Achieving strong SEO is not an overnight solution, but by focusing on your target audience from the get-go, we can help you tailor your website’s content to better attract your customer-base.

Whether these are local shoppers or industry-leading companies, One Click Media will make sure your site is bringing in the right traffic you need to see tangible business growth.

As your website rises up Google’s search result pages, see your profits go up with them.

Using Innovative Technology to Make a Difference

Search engine optimisation isn’t just about making sure your website is filled with tailored content to effectively target relevant keywords. It’s also about having a website that is technically strong, operates fast, and is easy to navigate for users.

Here are some top google ranking factors that might interest you:

Thankfully, One Click Media has the expertise to eliminate your site’s technical shortcomings so it can perform better both on a customer’s device and in Google’s rankings. With our web development knowledge and skill set, we can make your site faster, more reliable, and highly secure.

All of this work will make for a stronger user experience, resulting in an overall boost to its SEO.

For a web development agency that doesn’t cut corners on technical SEO, choose One Click Media.

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SEO For Australian Businesses

One Click Media is an Australian-based agency that has been helping Australian businesses grow through effective Search engine optimisation campaigns for the past 20 years.

We offer our clients the attentive, personalised services of a small agency, while utilising cutting-edge technology and search engine optimisation strategies that can be scaled to campaigns of all sizes.

We are strong communicators, and never leave a job half-finished. Finding real success in SEO requires committing to the long term, so that we can incrementally add to and improve your campaign. Optimisation means continually making something better, and we are dedicated to optimising your site to be as good as it can be.

Best of all, our services are designed to work within your budget, so you can leverage our expertise as much or as little as you feel necessary for the growth of your business.

We understand that each and every business has different needs, and while we will advise you on what we believe to be the best Search Engine Optimisation campaign to take your online presence to another level, we also value the input from our clients.

One Click Media are the leading search engine optimisation experts for Australian businesses.

Boost Your SEO with One Click Media Today

One Click Media are the team of digital experts you need helming a successful SEO campaign to take your online presence to new heights. Start climbing up Google’s rankings today by calling our friendly team on 1300 082 520. We can’t wait to hear from you.


What is SEO?

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimisation” and is the practice of optimising your website to ensure that it ranks for the relevant search terms on Google.

Search engines like Google will assess the relevance of your content to determine whether or not it matches specific search terms, and SEO encompasses a whole host of strategies that maximise your chances of appearing high on these search result pages.

It can be complicated, and at times messy, but with the right team running your SEO campaign, the results can completely turn around the fortunes of your business.

How long until I start seeing results from my SEO campaign?

It depends. SEO is often an ongoing process that gradually optimises your website so that incremental forward steps are taken each month.

The more competitive your industry is, the longer it will take to see the rewards from an SEO campaign, but we can promise you that the wait will be worth it.

The other issue is that pausing your SEO campaign will mean a steady but inevitable decline in the rankings for your website. While it won’t happen instantly, we generally recommend incorporating continual SEO services to keep your content near the top where it belongs.

What are the benefits of choosing an Australian SEO company?

An Australian SEO company like One Click Media will have a stronger understanding of the specific strategies that should be incorporated for your business’ SEO campaign. With our local knowledge and expertise, we can help your website increase its visibility and traffic both in Australia and abroad.

Why are keywords so important?

‘Keywords’ refers to the specific words and phrases that people type into search engines. Some keywords are more popular than others and yield higher levels of search volume or traffic for your website.

In SEO, keywords are used to specifically target these people. The use of a specific keyword will tell search engines that your page is relevant to the search term and will rank you higher.

Keywords and keyword research will allow you to rank for search terms and effectively target your audience.

Keywords are at the core of SEO, and building content around them will improve your rankings.

Should I choose SEO or Google Ads?

SEO and Google Ads both help your website rank higher in search engines, but one does not rule out the other.

SEO refers to how optimised your website is for particular search results – the actual content of your website is what determines your position. Google Ads on the other hand is a way to financially boost your website to appear on the first page of Google. You do not have to optimise your website as much if you are using paid ads to drive traffic.

It could be argued that SEO is more sustainable long term, but Google Ads are a great way to get to the top of Google quickly.

For the best results, using SEO and Google Ads together will target the most number of potential customers.

Is a strong ranking or more web traffic more important to SEO?

SEO strategy can often get caught up in the semantics of ranking vs traffic. However, both should play integral roles in the way you integrate your SEO.

Ranking is an important goal to hit as improved ranking generally leads to a larger audience. The higher you are on a page, the more likely you are to be selected out of the thousands of websites out there.

So essentially ranking will lead to higher web traffic – which is the ultimate goal.

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