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Australia’s Number One Magento E-commerce Hosting Solution

One Click Cloud is a fully optimised hosting solution for e-commerce businesses that have their websites built on Magento 1&2. Our servers are innovative, slick, and modern, having been specially designed to deliver quick load speeds, entirely automated transitions between development and production environments, and a reliable backup system that provides a sense of certainty that your online storefront will remain open to customers at all times.

Magento is the world’s most powerful e-commerce platform, offering businesses the resources to build large, customisable, and eye-catching online stores. However, due to the amount of processing power required to keep these websites online, many businesses risk hosting their Magento platforms on servers that aren’t up to the task of supporting such taxing software. One Click Cloud is Australia’s leading choice for magento hosting, offering servers that are unmatched in their reliability, durability, and speed.

One Click Cloud is great for businesses, developer friendly, and the key to maintaining a satisfied customer base.

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A successful e-commerce store needs to have its digital ‘doors’ open to customers at all times to maximise sales. To reduce downtime and increase overall traffic, you need to have your Magento website hosted on a server that has been built with its specific demands in mind. The good news is that One Click Cloud provides the kind of Magento e-commerce hosting that your online business needs to reach new heights.

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Utilising Cutting Edge Technology

One Click Cloud has been created with the intent to optimise the performance and stability of your Magento website. No expense has been spared in investing in the latest technology to ensure that our clients are satisfied with the end result.

Performing Like a Dream

Every website wants more traffic to their pages, but this often comes at the risk of instability to your overall performance. At One Click Cloud, we optimise your website’s performance through our magento e-commerce hosting servers that are built with a number of stability-enhancing features including horizontal scaling, which seamlessly matches the growth of your website by using multi-instances per app.

Available When You Need It

Most businesses simply cannot afford the costs associated with unexpected downtime, which makes high site availability a priority. Our e-commerce hosting solutions ensure your website experiences the maximum amount of uptime, guaranteeing it can always be there for your customers. One Click Cloud uses multiple instances of the application and database to guarantee the highest possible uptime for our client. If one of your databases goes offline, there will always be another one to replace it.

Maximum Security

When you host your Magento website on One Click Cloud, you can be sure that it will be protected using the latest in security software.

Some of the protective measures we put in place at One Click Cloud include:

  • The best in Cisco security hardware
  • Secured VPN access
  • Automatic backups with customisable intervals
  • Fully automated self-healing instances
  • VPN and 2FA for all logins

Finally, One Click Cloud is an AWS Direct Link partner for complete disaster recovery options. At One Click Cloud, you can have the peace of mind that your digital storefront will be thoroughly protected at all times.

Ideal for Developers

If you are a developer for Magento, you will feel right at home on One Click Cloud’s hosting solution. Our CI/CD deployment process is entirely developer friendly, designed to automate the process between testing and production environments. This way, developers will make fewer errors while being able to turn over projects quickly and efficiently.

An Australian Hosting Platform for Australian E-Commerce Businesses

One Click Cloud is an Australian-based business that’s passionate about helping other Australian businesses find success in their online ventures. Our team is composed of locals, each a talented and experienced web developer who has worked closely in the e-commerce space for a number of years.

We provide unrivalled levels of customer support to our clients, who are always willing to lend a hand should any issues arise relating to your website. When you call our team for support, know that you are talking to someone who is Australia-based, qualified, and committed to providing a viable solution. You won’t have someone from an overseas call centre on the other end, just an experienced Australian developer who cares about your online business.

Try One Click Cloud Magento E-commerce Hosting Today

For an innovative Magento e-commerce hosting solution that has been specifically designed for large-scale Magento websites, look no further than One Click Cloud. We offer high-end hosting at a competitive price that takes your budget into account in everything we do. Contact us today to request a free trial and experience the potential of our managed magento e-commerce hosting solution.