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Australia’s Most Trusted Shopify Developer

One Click Media has spent the last 20 years establishing itself as Australia’s leading web development agency, specialising in optimising e-commerce businesses. Shopify presents businesses with the opportunity to have their ambitions realised, presenting them with the tools and resources to build an online store that will immediately start selling. When combining One Click Media’s expert Shopify development pedigree and Shopify’s industry-leading e-commerce features, your business’ online presence will reach new heights.

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Eye-catching Design

At One Click Media, we understand that our clients want a Shopify developer who will build an online store that completely embodies their brand. This means creating a website that speaks to your target audience, reflects your brand’s visual identity, and captures the attention of customers. Our team of experienced developers ensure your Shopify website is not only attractive, but strategically designed to maximise the number of conversions into sales.

We work closely with our clients when choosing the Shopify store theme that best capture’s their business’ identity. They say to never judge a book by its cover, but when first clicking on an online store, customers will only want to continue shopping if that website is immediately eye-catching, easy to understand, and simple to navigate.

One Click Media’s team of experienced Shopify development designers understand how to maximise the platform to create a visually-appealing and user-friendly e-commerce website. Allow us to paint the canvas for you, and you will end up with a Shopify website that sells.

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Helping Your Online Business Grow

One Click Media understands Shopify like the back of our hands. Our experience ensures that we are well positioned to optimise your online store to reach the maximum number of customers. Optimisation for Shopify can take many forms, but our team has the expertise to implement various strategies to help your website climb up the ranking.

At One Click Media, our best-practice Shopify development optimisation strategies include:

  • Structuring your store so it can be easily navigated
  • Organising your products on pages that have been well optimised
  • Streamlining the user experience
  • Integrating the best applications, tools, and other features to benefit your store’s optimisation
  • Building links to your store
  • Creating a site structure that is Google friendly
  • And much more!

We are committed to the continual improvement of your Shopify store. and understand that the job doesn’t finish when the store goes live. Our team is always available to provide ongoing optimisation services that will see your online business grow and grow long into the future.

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Using the Latest Technology

The key to a successful Shopify store is often what goes on in the backend. By choosing One Click Media as your dedicated Shopify developers, you will be choosing an agency that uses the latest technology to ensure your store is fast, reliable, and protected with the latest security software.

The faster your customers can access your products, the faster they will be likely to purchase them. Our Shopify development expertise really shines in building an online store that integrates seamlessly with third-party applications, performs without fault on all types of browsers, and is protected from any outside risks.

At One Click Media, we never cut corners on quality. When developing online stores through Shopify, we leverage our high-quality technology to ensure our clients are getting an e-commerce website that has been built to last.

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On-Going Support

One Click Media is dedicated to helping our clients maximise their Shopify experience along every step of the journey. This means that we stick around after the initial Shopify development to help out with any maintenance issues or optimisation opportunities as they present themselves. You want the peace of mind that your store will continue to operate smoothly, we have the skills and knowledge to make that possible.

With this stress taken off your shoulders, you can direct your focus on running a successful e-commerce business while we look after the technical side of keeping that business at the top of your customers’ minds.

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A Developer for E-commerce Businesses

For the past 20 years, One Click Media has been helping e-commerce businesses in Australia establish and grow successful online stores. Our team possesses both the technical and business insight required to maximise Shopify’s unique features. These skills enable us to tackle any Shopify development project – whether that’s building a new online store from scratch or optimising an existing one.

Many businesses see Shopify as a great entry-point into e-commerce, but lack the development experience to know how to best leverage its potential. At One Click Media, we know exactly what needs to be done to build a Shopify online store that reaches your target audience, accurately reflects your brand’s identity, and converts traffic into sales. We can advise you on which apps would best integrate with your type of online business, and then effectively implement them into your store.

We are a Shopify development agency that is committed to the long-term success of your business. This means will always be around for any on-going support, maintenance work, or additional developments that you need undertaking on your Shopify store. A website is an ever-evolving entity that needs care and nurturing to reach its full potential, and our team will be there with you during every step of the way.

Above all else, we are an Australian developer looking to help Australian e-commerce businesses. We know how to develop for businesses within this country and will provide the high-quality Shopify development services that they deserve.

Choose One Click Media for Your Australian Shopify Development

If you are an Australian e-commerce business looking for a trustworthy and efficient Shopify developer that will take your online store to new heights, then look no further than the digital experts at One Click Media. Contact our friendly team today on 1300 082 520 to take the first step on your One Click Media journey.


What does a Shopify developer do?

A Shopify developer is someone with experience in coding and building for Shopify online stores. These technical experts have the skills, knowledge, and specialised insight to develop Shopify stores that maximise the platform’s features, while being well optimised, reliable, secure, and lightning fast. Our Shopify developers are experienced in best-practice Shopify development, and will be able to grasp the unique requirements that different businesses need to build their online presence and reach their targeted customer base.

Is Shopify easy to learn?

While Shopify has been designed to allow business owners to easily jump in and start building their stores, a truly successful e-commerce business will need experienced developers to get the most out of the platform. There is a lot more that goes into a lucrative Shopify store outside of the basic store builds; optimisation, app integration, user experience, and other technical factors all need to be taken into consideration, and choosing a dedicated Shopify developer will give your business the boost it needs to reach that next level.

Can I hire someone to build my Shopify store?

Yes! By hiring One Click Media as your dedicated Shopify developers, you will be hiring specialised web developers who can effectively build you an online store that is guaranteed to sell.

What’s the difference between Shopify and Shopify Plus?

While Shopify and Shopify Plus offer the same dashboard and e-commerce functionality, Shopify Plus provides a lot more scalability for developers, greater support options, and better access to your store’s code. One Click Media is able to develop for both Shopify and Shopify Plus.

Can I use my own domain name with Shopify?

You can use an existing domain name for your Shopify store. One Click Media can help you transfer this domain name over from your previous store over to your new Shopify build.

Likewise, if you don’t currently own a domain name, then we can help you purchase one either through Shopify, or a third-party provider.

What apps can I integrate into my Shopify store?

One Click Media can help you customise your Shopify store with a suite of popular applications aimed to maximise your business’ potential. Depending on the type of business you are running, you may need different apps. Shopify applications can help your business in a number of ways, including:

  • Marketing
  • Inventory management
  • Social media integration
  • Managing deliveries
  • Schedule in-store pick-ups
  • And much more

What's the difference between Shopify and Magento?

Shopify and Magneto are the two largest and most popular ecommerce platforms in the world.

Shopify is often seen as more user-friendly – a great range of available themes, and a simple shop builder means that it is great for beginners. However, Shopify can be more costly to upgrade to suit your needs, which can be an issue if your store is growing significantly. It is well suited to small to medium businesses who are looking for a reliable platform.

Magneto is generally recommended for medium to large businesses that need a more adaptable server. Magneto requires a working knowledge and application of code, but this allows users to expand and improve their ecommerce site however suits their needs. While Magneto is less user-friendly, it is a great option for any business that needs a more customised approach.

What templates can I use on Shopify?

Shopify offers over 70 free and paid unique themes to their users. If you are wanting to use Shopify, you have access to any of them.

There are two distinct groups of templates on Spotify. Free themes are stylish, easy to use, and simple – a great option for anyone just starting out on the ecommerce platform. Free themes will perform every task you need them to do, and as long as you don’t use a lot of images, should work pretty fast.

The store partner templates, which are the paid options, are for those wanting more control over the functionality, design, and scope of their ecommerce site. The paid options are more customisable and have better speed and loading times than the free options. They can be a little costly, but this is a small price to pay if it brings in more customers.

How much does Shopify cost?

Shopify offers three different payment plans for their users.

The basic plan starts at $29USD per month- approximately $40AUD – and is best for new or small businesses. The basic allows two administrators, and four inventory locations, so the scope and size of your business has to be relatively small.

The standard plan stands at $79USD per month – $110AUD – and offers five administrators as well as five inventory locations. It is a great option for growing businesses who are looking to expand their online store.

The advanced plan costs a total of $299USD – $410AUD – and has eight administrators and up to fifteen inventory locations. The advanced option also offers accelerated reporting that will give businesses effective insights into their growth.

Shopify has several other costs like themes and extensions. Shopify does also claim a portion of every transaction made through their platform.

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