Hyp-ecomm, the Australian solution for e-commerce businesses, logo shown on a laptop screen with Magento and Odoo logos underneath.

Built for E-commerce Businesses

Hyp-ecomm has been designed to make life easier for e-commerce businesses around Australia. With so much to manage, so many processes to maintain, and so much riding on the continual smooth operation of your business, you need a robust e-commerce solution to take some of that stress off your shoulders.

Hyp-ecomm is a marriage of two open-source e-commerce powerhouses – Magento Community Edition and Odoo ERP. With Hyp-ecomm, you can sell on your e-commerce site, but manage everything from your Odoo ERP system. This means there is no need to log into the back end of your website to work through your day’s work.

The secret to building scalable, strong business systems is interoperability – or the act of different systems and platforms collaborating with one another. Intelligent use of interoperable open-source technologies, such as Magento and Odoo, creates a coherent business framework. With Hyp-ecomm, the ERP is the master of your inventory, meaning that stock discrepancies between the front end and back end are a thing of the past.

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Full of Possibilities

Imagine for a moment, an e-commerce solution where product listings are managed in your ERP system, then seamlessly transferred over to your e-commerce platform which then automatically returns completed orders to the ERP’s inventory management modules. If this elegant integration would greatly decrease the number of headaches your current system produces, then consider switching to Hyp-ecomm today.

Some of Hyp-ecomm’s business-friendly features include:

  • Capable of handling multi-websites, multi-warehouses, multi-languages, and multi-currencies
  • Stock reorder rules that generate draft purchase orders for your approval before going through
  • Make ship orders and generate purchase orders with shipping addresses
  • Manufacture to order rules that create manufacturing orders on receipt of sales orders
    Customise the multi-step order delivery process that works for you
  • Support QA checks, product labelling and more sophisticated workflows through multi-step good receival and put away strategies
  • And so much more!

With Hyp-ecomm powering your e-commerce management, everything is possible.

Laptop showing the logo for Australian e-commerce platform Odoo connected to three printers.

Hyp-ecomm Direct Printing

With Hyp-ecomm Direct Printing, your business will now be able to banish the file/print shuffle for good. Our system uses Odoo to send your file to a defined printer in your warehouse via a print hub on your network – with USB printers also being supported.

This means you can deliver fast, driverless, and clientless direct printing from any browser or operating system. Your printing processes will be greatly sped up, saving you time and money in the long-term.

Web Development and Digital Marketing Solutions

A one-stop solution for omni-channel ecommerce

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Hyp-ecomm Picking

Hyp-ecomm Picking allows you to access full barcode picking from either a workstation or an Android scanner via the free Odoo application. This way you can have full control over your orders, validating them with a simple scan of the barcode.

Additionally, all picking slips display product images of every product to be picked, making it easier to manage the organisation of your orders.

Hyp-ecomm logo shown on a laptop with a delivery truck surrounded by logos of popular carriers used by Australian e-commerce businesses.

Hyp-ecomm Shipping

With Hyp-ecomm Shipping, transporting your inventory and orders is an absolute breeze. This is because our platform makes great use of Odoo, and Odoo is the master of shipping – taking care of all labelling, carrier selection and dispatch.

When using Hyp-ecomm, you will be able to make use of a range of available carriers including:

  • Australia Post
  • Express Post
  • Fastway
  • Couriers Please
  • Startrack
  • Allied Express
  • Hunter Express
  • TNT Express
  • TOLL parcels and pallets
  • International post
  • And more!
Hyp-ecomm logo shown on a laptop screen next to a credit card and above logos of popular buy now, pay later providers used by e-commerce businesses in Australia.

Hyp-ecomm Checkout

Hyp-ecomm Checkout comes bundled with the full range of payment gateways right out of the box. All ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ providers are supported, as well as PayPal, offering your customers plenty of flexibility in how they pay for your products and/or service.

Our checkout options also include seamless validation of address, emails and phone numbers across 240 different countries.

Hyp-ecomm logo shown on a laptop with a virtual screen displaying analytics for an e-commerce business surrounded by a chart and the Magento logo.

Hyp-ecomm Platform Dashboard

Hyp-ecomm Platform dashboard offers a range of features to make it easy for business owners to navigate the service. Some of these include:

  • Fully transparent view of key platform performance KPI’s and logs
  • Magento Cluster Sync Status
  • Magento CPU utilisation
  • Magento Memory utilisation
  • Database CPU utilisation
  • Database Memory utilisation
The logo Hyp-ecomm, an e-commerce solution for Australian businesses, shown on a laptop screen next to a virtual screen showing a gear, wrench, video icon, and CMS page.

Great for Developers

The Hyp-ecomm platform has been designed by One Click Media to offer developers a one click deployment to production solution to streamline their workflow. The platform features CI/CD integration, making the transition between testing and production environments for new projects built on the platform snappy, reliable, and less-prone to errors.

Don’t have developers of your own? No worries, as you can utilise One Click Media’s team of experienced developers to get the most from your Hyp-ecomm service.

Try Our Hyp-ecomm Today

Maximise the potential of your online business by choosing an e-commerce solution that transforms the way you do work. One Click Media’s Hyp-ecomm is exactly that, an intelligently designed platform offering e-commerce businesses the key to streamlined processes, greater control and organisation over their inventory, and so much more.

Contact One Click Media today on 1300 082 520 to discover how Hyp-ecomm can change your business for the better.