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Platform Hosting for Australian Businesses

When you are running a large e-commerce business, your website’s usability can very quickly go down if your website isn’t being supported on an appropriate hosting server. Your website will constantly be down for maintenance, pages will take forever to load, and there will always be the risk of cyberattacks taking advantage of your weak security. These issues affect the experience of your customers, who won’t be able to properly engage with your products and services on a website that is struggling to hold its own weight.

One Click Media provides Australian businesses with elite platform hosting solutions through our sister companies One Click Cloud and One Click Hosting. One Click Cloud has been designed to support Australian e-commerce businesses hosting their Magento and Odoo software on dedicated servers that are capable of supporting those platform’s demanding requirements. One Click Hosting is an industry-leading hosting service for businesses that have their websites built on WordPress and other popular website-building platforms.

No matter what platform you need hosted, One Click Media will match a solution to your needs. By making use of our platform hosting servers, you are giving your online business the boost it needs to rise above the competition by being faster, securer, and more durable.

Choose One Click Media’s platform hosting solutions to ensure your website is always open for your customers.

Computer, server, and gears representing Magento hosting.

Australian Magento Hosting

One Click Cloud is a cutting-edge platform hosting solution for Australian e-commerce businesses that have their websites built on Magento 1&2. Our hosting servers are strong, innovative, and effective. They have been tailor-made to provide ultra fast page load speeds, completely automated transitions between different development environments, and a reliable backup system that provides the peace of mind that your online store will be open and available for customers to access whenever they want.

Magento is the world’s most capable e-commerce platform. It provides e-commerce businesses with the necessary tools and resources to create large scale, complex, and engaging websites. Due to the amount of processing power that goes into developing a site for Magent, you need a dedicated hosting solution that meets the strenuous requirements of the platform. One Click Cloud covers these demands by providing Magento hosting servers that are fast, durable, and scalable to the individual needs of your digital storefront.

One Click Cloud is ideal for businesses and developers and customers.

Computer, server, and gears representing Odoo hosting.

Australian Odoo Hosting

Odoo is a robust ERP and CRM platform that will completely transform the way you conduct your online business. Odoo provides a range of apps and features that streamline, simplify, and automate a range of processes within your business. From better managing your finances to automating your invoices, Odoo has a viable solution that will save you time, money, and stress in both the short and long term.

One Click Cloud provides elite platform hosting servers that will scale to the specific needs of your Odoo software. When hosting Odoo on our servers, your developers won’t be wasting time in the backend of your platform as they get weighed down by slow load times and difficult to navigate frameworks. Odoo is designed to streamline the processes of your business, and One Click Cloud is designed to streamline the effectiveness of Odoo for your online store.

Maximise the potential of this game-changing piece of software by hosting your Odoo platform on One Click Cloud today!

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Australian Business Managed Platform Hosting

One Click Hosting provides industry-leading managed hosting solutions for Australian businesses with websites built on WordPress and other popular platforms. There is a significant difference between a large, complex website that is being hosted on a dedicated and robust server, and one that isn’t. On One Click Hosting, your website will always be guaranteed maximum uptime, snappy page loading speeds, creative flexibility for developers, and so much more.

Australian businesses simply cannot afford to have their website hosted on a server that doesn’t offer these benefits. To maintain their customers, they need a server that is flexible, reliable, and able to quickly and efficiently address any problems as they arise.

One Click Hosting prides itself on delivering high performing results for WordPress websites. As an Australian-based agency, our team is uniquely positioned to create optimal hosting environments for local businesses of all sizes.

Elite Platform Hosting for Australian Businesses

One Click Media offers the full range of elite hosting solutions for Australian businesses. Our team is dedicated to completing each and every project to the highest standard. It doesn’t matter how complex or how large your project is, we have the technical skills, experience, and innovative thinking to see it through to completion.

As an Australian-based agency, we pride ourselves on always being available to our clients during every step of the process. If you ever have any questions or concerns about a particular project, we are only ever a phone call away.
Best of all, One Click Media operates our hosting services within a budget that works for you. We don’t strap on unnecessary costs to projects like some other agencies. Instead, we work with you to find the best price that matches the work we do.

If you are an Australian business looking to take their online presence to new heights, then choose One Click Media for your platform hosting today. Give our friendly team a call on 1300 082 520.