1. Optimise Your Manufacturing Management

Without the right processes in place, managing your manufacturing can quickly become a hassle. And, seeing as these two aspects form the foundation of any successful e-commerce business, mismanaging them can have a detrimental knock-on effect to the rest of your operations.

Odoo makes managing your manufacturing an absolute breeze, while ensuring that you aren’t needlessly wasting resources that could be useful to your stock. With Odoo, you can set up the platform to automatically make an order of raw materials every time you sell one of your products. This way, you always have the right amount of inventory to balance out your supply and demand needs. And the best part is that you or your employees don’t have to manage it manually.

Another benefit of Odoo’s manufacturing management is that you will always be paying for the exact number of materials needed for your business. This will automatically scale up or down depending on the current circumstances, so you won’t be paying for more materials than you need or finding yourself in a position where you don’t have enough supply to meet demand.

Other ways that Odoo can optimise your manufacturing include:

  • Create a master production schedule to automate purchases
  • Have barcodes created on deliveries to help speed up processes
  • Have all your accounting, reporting, and KPI data automatically transferred to the relevant teams
  • And so much more!

Odoo has the power to completely transform the way you handle the manufacturing for your Australian e-commerce business.

2. Better Manage Your Leads

Your Australian e-commerce business lives or dies by the sales it makes. However, things can quickly become messy if your lead management processes don’t easily allow for a streamlined pathway to turn that lead into a customer or client. Leads can quickly get left behind if you don’t stay on top of them, human error can cause you to mix up two different leads, and it isn’t always simple to determine which leads offer better potential than others.

Odoo’s lead management tools take the guesswork out of this process and create a better environment for the best leads to rise to the top.

For example, let’s say that you’re running a sports clothing and equipment store that regularly supplies your products to schools and clubs around the local area. Without Odoo, you would have to rely on your own management skills to organise and prioritise the different leads you have coming through. This may work for a short period of time, but with so many other responsibilities to take care of in your schedule, this essential part of the sales journey can soon become too complex to handle.

With Odoo, you have access to their fully-customisable contact forms which will automatically send any leads made on your website to your CRM. These contact forms can be tweaked or adjusted however you wish – allowing you to easily get leads to specify their order size and type, their location and contact details, as well as any other important information you need for the order.

Every time you get a lead, you now have the ability to rank it alongside any other leads you have received. This way, you can clearly lay out which leads you would like to target first. Plus, you can also automate different tasks for each lead depending on what stage of production they are up to. Your sports store now has the clarity and direction to handle multiple leads at once – greatly increasing your chances of transforming them into customers.

3. Simplify Your Sales Process

When your customers make the decision to purchase your service or product, you want to make sure everything is working in their favour to make the process stress-free while still giving them all the information they need. Odoo offers this balance to customers, while helping streamline the sales process on your end with outstanding communication and reporting features.

Here are some of the key ways which Odoo optimises the sales process.

Easy and professional looking quotes

If you need to send a customer a quote, you can have the confidence that Odoo will automatically send through all the purchasing information to the customer in a clean and professional-looking format. These quotes and their templates can be customised by your development team at any point during the process.

Perhaps best of all, Odoo’s online quotes also come with the option for the customer to electronically sign off on them. This speeds up the sales process even further so you can begin delivering your service.

Easily communicate with customers

Any time one of your customers has a question for your business, Odoo will allow them to easily reach you directly via email. You will be notified of their communication, and a record will be kept of all your messages for future referencing.

Manage your contracts

After invoicing your customers, Odoo takes the stress out of having to manage your various contracts by tracking your different invoice phases and managing any subscriptions your customers have made via the platform.

All of these features and more are what makes Odoo such a worthwhile investment for e-commerce businesses looking to optimise their sales processes.

4. Improve Your Inventory and Shipping Processes

So, it’s time to ship out your products. Whether you are only delivering locally, around Australia, or globally, Odoo can make a huge difference in the way you handle your inventory and shipping processes. The platform’s robust warehouse management software makes it an absolute breeze to optimise your internal operations and stocking methods.

Odoo also makes it easy to trace all of your stock, no matter what stage of the supply chain they are in. The moment an order is made, you will be able to check in at any point to see where that order is, its current status, and what actions need to be taken. All of this information is further synthesised through comprehensive real-time reporting that helps you and your business make more informed-decisions about your inventory in the short-term.

When it comes time to ship and dispatch orders, Odoo allows you to create simplified shipping processes that get your products where they need to be quickly and efficiently, without ever compromising on accuracy.

Odoo’s range of features play a big role in streamlining the inventory and shipping processes of your Australian e-commerce business.

5. Lightning Fast Accounting

Odoo’s premium accounting apps are designed to speed up the financial management for e-commerce businesses before, during, and after a sale is made. Your accountants are not only provided with detailed reporting and data, but they are also given access to a range of other great features to improve their own internal process and mitigate the risk of error.

Some of Odoo’s best e-commerce accounting benefits include:

  • A comprehensive accounting dashboard with everything you need to know displayed in an easy-to-digest format.
  • A customer portal to encourage faster payments.
  • Automated late-payment follow-ups.
  • Automated access to main payment providers.
  • Quick and automated currency exchange rates.
  • And so much more!

With Odoo, your accounting will be best set up to propel your business forward by improving key processes that allow your team to devote more of their time and attention to your business’ growth.

Optimise Odoo With One Click Media

Odoo has the power to completely transform the way you handle your Australian e-commerce business thanks to its extensive range of apps and features designed to simplify your most complex of processes.

But to truly harness the potential of Odoo, you need a developer who understands its intricacies inside-out. One Click Media are Australian-based web developers who have years of experience optimising Odoo for online businesses.

For an Australian Odoo developer who will help your business get the most from the Odoo platform, contact One Click Media today.